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Sydney Hand Surgery Associates

Dr Anthony Beard

Dr Anthony Beard
Specialty: Orthopaedics, Orthopaedic Surgery - Hand
Sub-Speciality: Hand Surgeon


Tony Beard is an experienced Hand surgeon with extensive practice in many conditions of the Hand and Wrist. He has specialist expertise in nerve conditions including carpal tunnel surgery, decompression of the Median nerve, insitu neurolysis and Anterior Transpostion of the Ulna nerve. Tony also has particular interest in the painful wrist. Unravelling the challenging disorders of the many bones, tendons ,nerves and ligaments which make up the wrist. Carefully working out the underlying cause and explaining the diagnosis. Managing the problem both nonoperatively and when required operatively often including arthroscopically.

Other areas of particular interest include arthritis, including the very common base of thumb arthritis, joint replacement surgery, tumours and ganglions. Trauma to the hand commonly effects work and sporting ability and expert attention ensures the optimal outcome required to get you back to peak form.

Tony initially trained in Orthopaedics including a year as a senior Registrar in London at Lewisham Hospital and the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore.

Following completing the Australian Orthopaedic Association Training program in Sydney he returned to the UK for Hand Surgery Fellowship positions at The Pulvertaft Hand Centre with Prof Frank Burke in Derby and with Prof John Stanley at Wrightington Hospital.

He commenced working as a VMO in Hand surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital St Leonards in 1997. He was also involved with the Centre for Bone and Joint Disease at North Sydney and Ryde which evolved into the Hand Unit at North Shore Private Hospital where he has enjoying working since it opened in 1998, and is currently actively involved as a member of the Medical advisory Committee.

Dr Beard has held many executive positions in the NSW and Australian Hand Surgery Society where he currently serves as Treasurer.

Dr Beard is also an enthusiastic teacher involved in Medical student education he also has travelled teaching the principles of hand surgery as well as advanced surgical techniques to interstate and overseas hand surgeons. Visiting China and Vietnam helps advance the practice of hand surgery in these centres. Many overseas units from Europe NZ and the Americas send their brightest junior surgeons to the North Shore Campus to learn and develop their skills and Dr Beard is proud to be involved in this renowned fellowship program.

The Hand Surgery Departments at Royal North Shore and North Shore Private Hospital cover the full range of Hand surgery and are keen to take GP enquires and can help direct patients to the most appropriate specialist. They are actively involved in many research projects looking at improving clinical outcomes for patients, developing and improving surgical techniques, and trialling non operative treatment modalities.