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Dr Claudia Gschwind

Dr Claudia Gschwind
Dr Claudia Gschwind completed her medical training in Switzerland. A keen linguist, she is fluent in English, French, Italian and German. After finishing her Fellowship in General Surgery, she sub-specialised with a Swiss Fellowship in Hand Surgery.

After coming to Australia, Dr Gschwind became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and for many years now has been working as a Consultant in the Department of Hand and Microsurgery at Royal North Shore Hospital.

For some fifteen years, she was also appointed at the Children’s Hospital as a Visiting Hand Surgeon. Today Dr Gschwind continues to work at Royal North Shore Hospital as a Consultant but is also very active in private practice at North Shore Private Hospital. She deals with all aspects of hand surgery, but has a particular interest in neuromuscular disorders such as spasticity after stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury, tetraplegia and peripheral nerve injuries. Other interests include degenerative joint disease, in particular arthritis at the base of the thumb.

For 20 years now, Dr Gschwind has been running the Tetraplegic Hand Clinic at Royal North Shore Hospital, which deals with all aspects of upper limb treatment and surgery in NSW for patients with tetraplegia, including nerve and tendon transfers. For the past 10 years, she has been an integral part of the Multi-Disciplinary Spasticity Clinic at Royal North Shore Hospital where people with Acquired Brain Injury are assessed and treated, for example with Botulinum Toxin or surgery.

Dr. Gschwind is extensively involved in local teaching programs in NSW but has lectured and presented all around Australia and on numerous occasions internationally. She has a significant list of publications on various topics and has written several chapters in hand surgery textbooks.

In her private life Dr Gschwind is a keen equestrian and animal lover who enjoys classical music.